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Introducing CakeMail 3.3

CakeMail 3.3 is now available! This new version includes several new features and a number of tiny updates that make our overall user experience more pleasant.

Real-Time Progress Indicators
We now show you the progress of campaigns currently being delivered. You’ll see this new piece of data on the dashboard, campaigns tab and in campaign detail views. The data is updated in real-time so you can see if a particularly large campaign has finished sending yet, or just know what’s in the queue.

Social Media Toolbar
There’s a new social media toolbar and in addition to this great way for your readers to share your content, you’ll be able to view social sharing data in your campaign reports.

Contact Limit Updates
We now display an account’s contact limits for both reseller and end user accounts, along with information about how much has been used so far this month.

Campaign Reporting Improvements
New features to help you measure the success of campaigns include the ability to filter bounce reports by type, adjusted bounce rate reporting, and the availability of in-depth click data, top link highlights, and complete sent-to lists.

There are many other smaller features and improvements included with this update. Visit our release notes site (or subscribe by RSS) to read the official release notes for 3.3.

If you’re a current CakeMail customer who wants to preview or upgrade to this new version, click here for instructions.

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