Introducing: Improved Forms

We have made a huge update to our tracking link system – one of the most important systems that powers CakeMail. This system allows us to track all the links in your campaign and redirects readers to their destination.

Back-end stuff
What we’ve done in the last couple of months is make the system much more fault tolerant in case of problems, like if the database crashes, or if the API takes too long to respond. This is completely transparent for you and your customers, and it’s one of the many improvements we will make in the future to ensure the platform grows more robust over time, as we scale.

New forms
As a bonus, we’ve also redesigned the main forms that power contact lists: the subscription form, the confirmation form, the unsubscribe and global unsubscribe forms. Those forms needed a fresh coat of paint and we hope you’ll like the new design. Moreover, you’ve been very vocal about having those forms in your native tongue. We are glad to announce that all our forms are now fully translated in English and French as well as available for translation into other languages.

Here is the list of the forms we’ve redesigned (click on the links below to preview them).

  • The subscribe form. Notice that the email address is the only default mandatory fields. Once the customer signs up for the newsletter, he will end up on the thank you page.
  • The abuse page. This page should almost never be displayed. Let’s say that the domain you are using to send your campaigns is All the links of your campaigns would then be like If the subscriber deletes the last part of the url and decides to see what happens when he types, this page will show up.

Unsubscribe reasons
After a subscriber unsubscribes from an email list, you’ll now be able to understand more about what is driving their decision. The addition of a new, optional “Why You Unsubscribed” field gives marketers the data they need to really understand the factors contributing to list churn and implement changes to retain existing subscribers where possible. For the time being, this data will be collected and stored, and will shortly be available in both campaign reports and individual user history.

Speed, speed, speed
We are always trying to make the platform faster. We’ve worked very hard to make these new forms as fast as possible, and as a result, the forms should be rendered in the browser in less than 100ms in most cases.

We hope you will like these improvements. Thanks for being our customers – we could not do it without you.

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