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Introducing In-Product Help

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CakeMail offers a full white label in-product help section which you can make available to all end users. The in-product help section includes over 300 support documents and a built in ticket filing centre.

You can customize your help section under the Product Help option under Your Site Settings.

There are three sections available to be customized:


You can choose to either share the built in help documentation, redirect users to your own documentation, or prompt users to email you.

If you decide to use the provided in-product documentation, be sure to enter the email address where all requests will be sent under the Support Email option. All documentation will refer your reseller company name as the owner of the documentation and system. Documentation is currently available in English only.

When a ticket is submitted, we will automatically add the following information in the ticket

  • Client name
  • Client URL (where applicable)
  • Reseller name (where applicable)
  • Last visited page
  • IP address
  • Location – automatically gathered from the IP address
  • Browser details, OS and screen resolution.

If you decide to provide your own documentation, you do not need to further customize this page.


You may provide a phone number that will show under the in-product help section if you wish to provide technical support by phone.


You can provide a custom message with your opening hours for your clients. You can customize the message in different languages, which will all show up based on the client’s language settings.

For more details on how to set up your reseller account, visit our knowledge base page.

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