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Introducing the TinyMCE editor

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Freedom is good. And CakeMail gives you tons of freedom, letting you build exactly the mail service you want so you can deliver a carefully tailored experience to your clients.
Sometimes, however, that freedom can backfire. Customers have away of breaking things inadvertently. A well-meaning client can dabble with an email campaign, making changes to the wrong part of the mail, and undo all of your hard work. While you want to give your clients access to their mails–so they can tweak and prune their content–you need a way to control what they can do.

With our newly introduced TinyMCE editor, that’s what you get. The new editing module, available free for CakeMail users, can be embedded into your site and used to lock down what clients can change within a message. That means more flexibility and independence for your customers … and less time spent fixing things!

TinyMCE comes with some other great features, like image management and cropping, that make it easier than ever to build great campaigns. You can check out the new module here.

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