Isn’t all email “Email Marketing” ?[Infographic]

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It’s a question we often hear: Isn’t any email you write to promote your business a de facto “marketing” email? Why use a specialized service to send out newsletters?

The fact of the matter is, Gmail, Outlook and all those other services are meant to send emails to just a handful of people. Not to a list of hundreds.

Plus, a professional service gives you precious insight into what people liked when they got your email – in other words, it will show you who opened it, who clicked and who no longer wants to get emails from you.

Still not convinced? Here’s a non-exhaustive list of reasons why you should avoid sending newsletters from your personal email address:

Isn't all Email "Email Marketing"?

Try it for yourself: open a free CakeMail account and send a newsletter to 5 of your colleagues, friends or family members. Come back in a day or two later to see who opened it (and how often), where they were when they read it and if they clicked on the email.

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