If you don’t want to reply,just don’t send emails

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If you don’t want to reply: just don’t send email

I’ve subscribed to many email newsletters in my life. And I’ve unsubscribed from most of them after a while. Because my hobbies changed, my taste changed or I simply changed my mind. But after many years, I’m still signed up to some of my long-time favourites because I feel there is a real connection – though I’ll admit : I won’t always read all the newsletters I get thoroughly.

This is what I like the best: the real dialogue, the conversation. When I feel the sender really cares about me. For example, I once sent an email to a company asking about a natural skin cream they were selling, hoping to resolve my baby’s eczema. They answered my email, telling me they would prefer their expert to call me because they had some more questions and wanted to make sure the product was appropriate. I was surprised and happy. I still order from this company, many years after this event! Obviously because they have great products, but also because I was totally sure they really care about who their clients are and what are their needs.

On the other hand, lack of conversation can be a relationship killer. For some years, I had been ordering some ingredients to make soap from a wonderful place – yeah, I love this girly stuff – I stopped immediately after I sent them a few emails to tell them their clear soap base was whitening and becoming smelly and they didn’t even answer. They IGNORED my emails. I felt really angry.

Having people subscribe to your email newsletter is a real gift. A mark of confidence for your business and for what you are doing. It’s a unique chance to have your clients, or future clients, engaged in a conversation. Give them some occasion to exchange with you. Add some links and encourage them to ask questions about your products or your services. Most importantly, be prepared to reply to your clients. Use a personal email address like isabel@mylovelycupcakecompany instead of sales@mylovelycupcakecompany. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: never use the “noreply@” addresses.

Sending from a “noreply@” is like ending a conversation before the other person even got the chance to say “hi”. For your customers, it’s like receiving an invitation for a party where they won’t be allowed to talk.


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