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Litmus Add-On Update: Now Mobile Friendly!

Litmus LogoMany of our customers are already using the Litmus Add-On that’s available in CakeMail – giving them an easy way to test their email campaigns across different tools like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and many, many more – and we’re excited to share the news that Litmus expanded their testing platform this week to include the ability to test campaigns for mobile devices!

Test Across Four Popular Devices

This new functionality from Litmus includes support for four devices – iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices – with even more devices set to be added in future updates.

Fully Scrollable Views

As the Litmus team mentions in their post on the Litmus blog:

You’re able to scroll down your email, exactly as you would on the device if it was in your hands. This is incredibly important—the experience of reading on a mobile device is of course significantly different from a desktop computer screen. By offering these scrolling views we’re able to give you the most accurate experience—the exact same experience your recipients will have when they receive your email.

Take a look at the sample test they’ve posted using their own newsletter to get a sense of the new functionality. Now you’ll be able to see how your mobile users will actually see your email in their mobile inbox without having to test it manually with your collection of smartphones (or not testing it at all!).

Get Started!

If you already have the Litmus add-on activated for your account, this new testing functionality is available as of today – the mobile results will be automatically included when you run a Litmus test.

If you haven’t yet started using Litmus to test your emails before sending, now is the time (and really, what have you been waiting for?)! Just have your account administrator or reseller activate the Litmus Add-On for your account and you’ll be able to use it as part of the testing process for existing or new mailings that haven’t yet been sent. You should know that there is an additional fee for using the Litmus Add-On (most other Add-Ons are free), but it’s well worth it!

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