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Marketing your brand with an email footer

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Email footers can be used for a variety of things, such as including your own marketing message (Powered By: Company X!) or other promotion of your brand.

We offer an Email Footer add-on that appends your own footer to your client’s campaigns, especially useful for trial accounts or co-marketing, or any other creative ideas. This add-on is not something that your clients can modify – it’s something that you modify and enable on a client-by-client basis. We recommend that this add-on is made available by you automatically for your users (whether you enable it for just one client or many).

To edit your text, click on Manage beside the add-on and select Default Add-On Settings

You will see a pop up that will then allow you to edit your email footer. Feel free to use HTML and images and be creative (but also remember that this footer will be displayed to recipients of your client’s emails)!

The footer add-on will only be visible to your clients during the Preview stage of the campaign creation process, as well as included in all test emails or sent campaigns.

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