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Meet our new Director of Deliverability!

By August 19, 2008 No Comments

CakeMail is pleased to welcome a new member to our team. You may have received an email from Kevin Huxham in the past few days. If you haven’t read it yet, we suggest you do so carefully. We all know how important delivery is in the email marketing business, and Kevin is definitely someone you want to have on your side since he is now our Director of Deliverability. We recommend you make him your new best friend by following his precious advice!

Although Kevin has just started with CakeMail last month, he has an extended background in the email software community. After managing a successful Internet business in Australia, Kevin came home to work on the receiving end of things in both the Technical and Abuse departments for Canada’s largest Internet Service Provider. After 6 years, he decided to switch to the sender side, and has spent the last 2 years working for one of the world’s leading ESPs based in Montreal. This man knows what he’s talking about, so if he insists you add a postal address at the bottom of your email (a mandatory requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act), you do. Not only will this help you improve your company’s reputation and avoid any messy legal trouble, it will also ensure you don’t get blocked by any spam filters!

Kevin is working with all CakeMail clients to help them increase their deliverability and resolve any associated issues. He is intent on making sure every client sets an example of email best practices, which will not only increase their deliverability, but also improve the results of their campaigns, boosting their ROI. After he is settled in, Kevin also plans to start contributing regularly to this blog, so stay tuned, and get ready to take notes! In the mean time, if you have any questions, we invite you to use our Help Desk.

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