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New! CakeMail Support Knowledge Base

By October 7, 2010 No Comments

One of our favourite things to tell people about CakeMail 3 is how intuitive the site itself is to use, along with being full of useful features like automagic branding, several new types of email campaigns, and more. But no matter how intuitive anything is, it always helps to have some instructions to fall back on for everything from basic to advanced tasks.

It was for this very reason that we created a new CakeMail knowledge base, full of information and how-to documents that show you everything from how to set up your very first client or how to add custom CSS branding to your site. We walk you through the setup of A/B Split test campaigns, talk about the Marketplace and even tell you how to integrate a long list of CakeMail add-ons.

Have a question? You just might find the answer there. Visit the new knowledge base today!

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