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New Feature Friday

We’re unveiling a few new features today – and we’ve detailed them all below. We’ll be posting detailed how-to guides in our support knowledgebase on Monday, and we’ll link to them from Monday’s “Andrea Says” posts, too.

New Content Tab

We’ve pulled together all of the content tools, like templates, the image library and more. Now you no longer need to dive into settings to add email templates, you’ve got new (and easy) access to the image library when you’re not creating a campaign, and can use it to upload files, organize old campaign files and keep track of what is where.

Starting today, all users who have administrator status will get access to the content tab automatically, but for those who don’t, you’ll need to just make a quick addition and enable this new tab for them under Settings > Permissions. We wrote a quick how-to so it’s as easy as just following along with the steps.

Ingram Publishing Add-On

We’ve partnered with Ingram Publishing to provide easy access to stock photography and imagery from within CakeMail. Now it’s easy to access the imagery you’re looking for when you’re getting started with your next email campaign.


The premailer add-on automatically cleans up the CSS in your emails (if it needs it) and places it inline so it’s more HTML-email friendly. You can also test your CSS in standard email applications and receive recommendations about how to improve before you send your campaign.

New Import Options

We’ve added some new import options so you can now import contact lists straight from Excel (.xls) files, or from Plaxo, an online address book tool.

You can also track your campaigns with our Webtrends add-on, which works almost exactly like our magical Google Analytics integration and gives you a way to connect your email campaigns to activity on your website, so you can get a sense of what people did after they clicked that call-to-action link.

All of these add-ons are available in the Marketplace, and can be made available to your clients all at once or on an individual basis.

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