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New Feature: Google Docs Integration

We’ve just released a new add-on module that integrates with Google Docs – letting you import list data directly into CakeMail from your Google Docs spreadsheets. If you’re already using Google Docs to store data in spreadsheets, or capturing data through their easy forms capability, you can skip creating .csv files of contact lists and just import them directly to CakeMail online.

Sign me up! How do I start using it?

This new feature is available to all CakeMail users and just needs to be activated by your account admin before it’s available as a contact list import option. When you’re creating a new list or adding to an existing one, simply click the Google Docs button displayed as part of the Import/Upload A List page. Grant permission for CakeMail and your Google Docs account to connect and you’re ready to go. As an added bonus, you can also opt to send an automatic (and customizable) “Welcome” email to your newly-imported list.

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