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New Feature: Printable Campaign Overviews

By December 22, 2010 No Comments

We just released our latest feature of the day! When we launched CakeMail 3 we created beautiful reports, but haven’t yet had the time to make them printer-friendly (you could print them, but they weren’t as lovely and polished as they could have been). While accessing the data online is great, it’s always a bonus when you can print campaign stats to bring to that next big meeting.

We know that there are a few customers who have been eagerly waiting for this kind of functionality so we’re excited to share that today’s new feature is a printable version of the campaign overview. There’s even a nice button in our interface to make printing as easy as a single-click.

While this is a nice start, we’re aiming to give you better tools that support a full report in a print-friendly version (and also pdf) in a future not so far away…

Check back tomorrow and Friday to see what other features we have in store before the holidays!

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