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New Features for CakeMail 1.5

Suppression List Functionality

You can now easily manage suppression lists to ensure emails don’t get sent to the wrong people. You can restrict specific email addresses or entire domains, which will help diminish overall complaints and increase delivery for all your mailings.

New Segment Summary Page

The new Segment Summary Page allows you to easily manage list segments, and view them as independent lists.

Advanced Search in List Members

You can now search for members with multiple criteria.

Two New Stock Interface Skins: Marshmallow and Midnight Mint

7 stock user interface themes are now available, so you can prepare your mailings in your own custom environment!

User Selectable Themes on Login Page

See the flexibility of the CakeMail first hand by selecting a dynamic theme directly from a scrolling menu on the login page, changing your interface skin real-time.

All CakeMail hosted interfaces will be updated to the new version automatically.

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