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New: Measure CakeMail campaigns from Google Analytics

By January 19, 2010 No Comments

analytics_logoAs we continue to add new features, CakeMail users can now extend their measurement capabilities past the inbox using a new Google Analytics integration module. Users are now able to determine mailing campaign effectiveness in relation to on-site user behavior, all from within their existing Google Analytics account, and all by simply clicking a checkbox before sending.

Great, how do I access it?

As the account owner, go to the Modules tab in your account to activate the module – it will now be available to all clients under that reseller account. Then, simply create a new mailing and check the ‘Google Analytics’ box during creation. Once checked, all of your mailing’s links will contain a unique source code – specific to that particular email send – that will allow you to measure what your email recipients did on your site after receiving your mailing through your Google Analytics account. How many recipients visited your homepage versus your deep pages? Which recipients actually ended up converting? Knowing this crucial analytical information helps you and your clients refine future campaigns to maximize return on investment, and thanks to CakeMail, it’s now only a click away.

Stay tuned for a ton of new updates coming to CakeMail with our v2.3 release, and until then, happy analyzing!

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