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Send targeted email messages to your Highrise contacts

By January 28, 2010 7 Comments

Note: This module is no longer supported in CakeMail. You can always download your contacts in Highrise as a CSV and import them into CakeMail though.

If you’re a user of the popular Highrise CRM, you can now use CakeMail to contact your customers, deals and leads via a new and exclusive Import Contact module.

Email is crucial to facilitating dialogue with your client base, and fundamental to your company’s CRM strategy. The Highrise + CakeMail integration allows you to quickly and easily import your existing Highrise contacts into your CakeMail subscriber lists – allowing you to send targeted, highly-personalized HTML or text emails to your leads and/or customers. Use CakeMail’s comprehensive reporting tools to track who opened, clicked or forwarded, who unsubscribed, and much more. Plus, by activating our new CakeMail and Google Analytics module, you can even track what your customers do on-site after receiving your mailing.

Great, how do I access it?

To access this new feature, as the account administrator simply login to your account and activate the module under the Modules tab. To import your Highrise contacts, select ‘import from Highrise’ under your list import section. You’ll need to add your Highrise login credentials (site name and authentication token) and Voila – you can start sending mailings to your CRM contacts! This module is available free to all CakeMail and Highrise accounts.

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