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Secret ingredients to an open worthy email

“What’s a good open rate?”

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

Here’s the short answer: if you’ve asked for permission from everyone on your list, and you send to them consistently, you should be seeing opens between 15% – 40%, though we’ve seen companies who’ve maintained open rates consistently above 50%.

So what are the secrets that will help the emails you send get read?

Secret ingredients to an open worthy emailSecret ingredients to an open worthy email

How are the opens even calculated?

Email marketing service providers can see who opened the email based on the number of people who either display the image or clicked on a link in the email. So your real open rate might actually be higher than the open rate reported because, especially if a lot of people you send to receive their emails on a device that doesn’t display images or if images deactivated by default.

Where do I see the information in my CakeMail account?

When you click on a sent campaign, you’ll be able to see the reports, which gives detailed information, like who opened the email and who clicked on a link, both as a percentage and a numerical value.

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