Plain text emails in this day and age

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Everyone hates seeing their inbox flooded by emails that feel like they were “blasted” off to a mailing list, willy-nilly.

Plain text emails are the digital version of handwritten notes.

But at the heart of emails – and, by extension, email marketing – is its  personal nature. You’re in their inbox, saying hi to them on a first name basis. It’s one of the ways you can improve on the relationships you’re building, maintaining, nurturing.

It’s all in the presentation

So I keep sending emails that are text intensive for the important stuff.

Like confirmation emails. Like welcome emails.

But the temptation of images, bold text and italics, is hard to resist.

Sending both: The Multipart Email

Email Marketing softwares usually send both the HTML and plain text emails. This helps make sure that your email gets delivered.

HTML emails will get displayed if an email client is setup to accept them, but when those pretty emails get blocked or are opened on older smartphones that can’t display them, you can still get the content of your message across in the plain text email.

So it’s a good idea to ask your contact to add you to their safe senders’ list – in addition to making sure that the images get displayed, it also helps your sender reputation.

But are Plain emails being read?

An email marketing app will track opens based on the images that are displayed. When your contact receives only the plain-text version, it’s the links that are followed that are tracked.

So make sure you generate and review your plain-text version, keep your emails short and have a call to action to that asks your contacts to visit a landing page for more information. It’ll help you gauge your campaign’s success more effectively.

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