Reach them, Speak their Language: Email in Recession part 1

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In a ‘Chart of the week’ taken from MarketingSherpa’s most recent issue of the annual Email Marketing Benchmark Guide, their team has put the focus on the international market during this difficult economic period. Now is a good time to really start thinking globally: “Building an international clientele can help insulate your organization from localized economic slumps.”

We would also like to add that email is a comparably economical marketing tool that you can easily adapt locally to reach different cultures and languages globally. Email is an incredibly efficient way to communicate with people all around the world who are (or could be!) interested in your products or services.

Even though email subscribers are often from all around the globe, international email marketing is a priority for only a third (34%) of the respondents to the survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, with 15% describing it as a ‘high priority’. 37.5 % said “it is on their radar but no plan” to use it and 34% are not even close to using email marketing yet. More info on the chart: Slow Rate of Adopting an International Email Focus Creates Big Marketing Opportunities Overseas.

CakeMail has been ‘thinking globally’ from its conception, welcoming any language to be translated (even non-Latin characters can be displayed!). We will soon be releasing new languages, translated and adapted from partners dedicated to speaking their clients’ language. We are very proud of it. We are sure our clients and their clients are too.

Review your lists to reach those customers wherever they are. And speak their language. Because “when it comes to thinking globally, there’s no time like the present.”

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  • wayland says:


  • Isabel Lapointe says:


    Sorry I can’t answer you in Portuguese :-/ We don’t have yet a Portuguese version in translation. If you are interested in working on it, please contact us https://www.cakemail.com/contact-us and we’ll be happy to give you all the information.

  • Cindy King says:

    Yes, I definitely agree with Marketing Sherpa. The time is ripe for North American companies to set up international email marketing campaigns.

    – Before there is more competition
    – As part of an international marketing research strategy to learn about new markets before further development
    – To test international direct mail and other international lead generation strategies

    It is surprising this is not a higher priority – if the economy is slow where you are and you are not selling your wares in your current markets, that does not mean you cannot easily sell them in other markets.

  • Hi!
    I’ve just read your blogpost this morning on that topic before I saw your response. Even though recession touches many people worldwide, international markets are open to great products and services. And Internet makes exchanges simple as never seen before. Thanks for your interesting comment!

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  • Cindy King says:

    Second comment from me. I just wanted to say that I included a link to this post in my weekly Marketing Review and I stumbled it.