Do you have a list that’s so old it is literally collecting dust (so old = older than 6 months)? You know…the one you’ve been meaning to send that monthly email to, but just haven’t gotten around to yet?

You’re not alone. And all is not lost.

It’s not ok to send marketing messages to this list (it’s stale!) but we’re here to give you the step by step on how to reconfirm your list so you can update it and keep only those subscribers who still want to hear from you without making those who don’t resort to complaining or unsubscribing.

Step 1: Stop Adding Subscribers To This List

It’s time to get rid of that subscription form that is letting people add themselves to your stale/old list. But it’s ok. You’ll replace it almost instantly with a new subscription form in steps 2 and 3, below.

Step 2: Create A Brand New Double Opt-In List

Follow our steps for creating a new list and select “Confirmed Opt-In” as your list type (which means that signing up to receive your emails is just the first step . Subscribers then have to confirm that they signed up by clicking a link in a follow-up email). You’ll also want to ensure you customize your confirmation email template.

Step 3: Reconfirm Your Subscribers

This three-step double opt-in process is easier than it looks, and you’ll be buildling your list with loads of truly interested subscribers in no time flat.

  1. Add a subscription form for the double opt-in list you just created to your website.
  2. Craft a compelling, beautiful, witty, fantastic campaign targeted at your list of existing (but old) contacts. Include a crystal clear call to action that asks them to confirm that they want to receive emails from you in the future. Your call to action (like “Yes, I still want your emails!”) should be a link to the subscription form you created and added in that last step, above.
  3. Everyone who resubscribes, and all new subscribers who sign up via your web form will receive a confirmation email that contains a link they need to click in order to be added to your new list. Now sit back and watch your new list grow, while thinking about your next email campaign to your shiny, new (and definitely interested) list.

Bonus Points:

  • Set up a welcome email! Welcome your new subscribers, tell them what to expect, and give them any other information they need (like links to your blog, an email address where they can get in touch with a real person or a link to your twitter account / facebook page / social media specs)
  • Send your next campaign (this time with compelling content instead of a resubscribe message) soon after you reconfirm this list. You set the expectations when you asked subscribers to confirm their interest – now follow through!
  • Measure results and keep the emails coming (frequently, but not so often they’re annoying to your list) to keep your list engaged. Keep track of what they respond to, what generates the most activity (like click-throughs), and adjust your content to meet the demands of your readers.

Keeping your list current is the mark of a responsible email marketer, and following the right process to reconfirm an old list can do wonders for your reputation as an email sender. It should be done on a regular basis  and is a good way to reconfirm people who haven’t clicked or opened your emails in a while. This process will improve delivery by decreasing complaints,  removing invalid addresses, and increase the overall percentage of engagement for your entire list.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Deliverability section of our support site for more details.

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