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Release 1.1.0 of the CakeMail Interface

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The CakeMail Interface release 1.1.0 is now available here:

New features

  • added “Insert/Edit Image” icon to the Fckeditor and support for individual client’s image folder and absolute urls for images
  • upgraded HTML Editor (works on Safari and Opera too)
  • added “LIKE %..%” option for sublists (segmentation)
  • added new types for the new fields of a list (available now: text, integer, timestamp)


  • emails for sending the tests in mailing step 3 are not checked by default

Bug fixed

  • validate empty campaign and mailing names
  • encoding special chars when previewing the HTML/TEXT messages in mailing step 3
  • Ajax utf8 display in Safari
  • URL encoded and HTML encoded all the content that is displayed (against XSS attacks)
  • no slashes in campaign names for some characters (e.g.: quotes) when renaming
  • displaying the returned exception when trying to create a group with an empty name
  • using double quotes in group names, user names and client page
  • replaced hardcoded htdocs/ paths with BASE_PATH
  • lists loading stopping on click, in create mailing step 1 (recipients)
  • update saved forward page
  • mailing stats page title
  • font path for graphs is now defined in global file

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