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Release 1.2.0 of the CakeMail Interface

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Version 1.2.0 of the CakeMail interface is now ready for download at

All hosted reseller interfaces has been updated.

New features

  • Added default permission groups for new accounts for easier rights management (Create Mailing, Send Mailing, Mailing Stats, Manage Lists, View List Members, Create User, Set User Permissions)
  • Changed themes structure to allow easier interface upgrade


  • Image upload is now limited to 200 KB per image
  • We’ve hidden the mailing list selector on Mailing Overview page when no other mailings are there to be selected
  • We’ve added the “Search” permission in ClassList in Group edit page
  • We’ve removed “alt text” on logo image

Bug fixes

  • List upload is now working with register_globals on
  • CSV import now supports fields enclosed by double quotes
  • UTF-8 support fixed on list renaming
  • Corrected display of “Preview in Web Browser”
  • Removed confirmation when no test emails are checked
  • Hide completely the List submenu when there are no Archived lists
  • Validates for empty of the import list form
  • Corrected position where the error template is included in some templates
  • Fixed mime-type in CSV export (now fully supports UTF-8)
  • Signup email copyright link fixed
  • Mailing delivering progress bar fixed

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