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Release 1.4 of the CakeMail Interface

CakeMail is pleased to announce its latest release of the CakeMail open interface, version 1.4. All CakeMail hosted interfaces are updated automatically. If you are hosting your own interface, you can download it at:

Improved Exporting

Export any list, report, open or click through results to CSV, at any time.

New Automated Account Creation

CakeMail gives you piece-of-mind, and lets you decide who will activate new accounts: A user or your admin. Further, account creation confirmation emails can be sent to the new user, to your admin, to both, or to none at all. CakeMail lets you decide.

New Bounce Management Tool

Email messages can bounce for many reasons; some times not because the email address is invalid. So CakeMail allows you to easily set your rules & manage bounce rules as you see fit. CakeMail lets you decide.

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