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Render Rate: It’s Time to be Heard!

By January 29, 2009 No Comments

The Measurement Accuracy Roundtable, made up of service providers and other industry members within the Email Experience Council (eec) are working on defining a new series of metrics to more accurately describe the performance of email marketing, including: Render Rate.

The idea is to modify key metric terms to become more accurate. For example: “Open Rate” would be changed to “Render Rate” – It is widely felt that the term “Render Rate” more accurately describes what occurs when an email is ‘Opened’ in an email client, since it is based on images being displayed within an email client.

The EEC invites all interested industry members to submit feedback on the proposed changes (Unique Emails Rendered, Total Emails Rendered, Unique Actions, etc). More info on the project and the PDF document to download on their blog post The Render Rate is Coming!

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