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Segment Lists to Interest and Reach Your Readers

Numbers can be cruel, as shown in the research conducted in 2007 by MarketingSherpa. They found that among users who clicked the “Spam” button, 41% did so because they thought the email was not interesting. This has much more consequences than just deleting it. And it means you only have a few seconds to get the reader interested in your email, and not all the other stuff in their inbox.

In their Email Benchmark Guide, MarketingSherpa presented some interesting numbers on advertising-oriented lists, such as the open rate being on average 20% higher for segmented lists than for non-segmented lists within the first 30 days. Click rates also more than double for emails sent in segmented lists. And if segmentation is critical for those advertising-oriented emails, it is also important for more informative emails.

The simplest way to increase the efficiency of your list is to use segmentation functions right from the time of registration, in order to target your email mailings accordingly. Depending on your content, you can target the geography or readers’ interests, and you could also cater to subscribers who prefer a summarized weekly email to daily updates. Be sure your subscription form is clear and easy to use. And limit the options as to not discourage your (future) subscribers from filling it in.

Targeting your emails is essential to improving your relationship with your subscribers

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