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Send measurable emails to your clients using CakeMail and Freshbooks

By February 26, 2010 No Comments

freshbooksCakeMail now integrates with the popular invoicing app Freshbooks, letting you send trackable and personalized email marketing messages to your clients.

By importing your Freshbooks contacts into CakeMail, you can enhance the client-vendor relationship through announcements, service updates, monthly newsletters and more. Keep in touch, stay top-of-mind, and increase revenue by upselling new products or services to past or current clients. As always you can track who opened, clicked and much more using CakeMail’s feature-rich reporting tools.

Great, how do I get it?

Just like our other recent updates, this new feature is available to all CakeMail users. As the account admin, activate the new module under your ‘Modules’ tab, and during the list import process, simply click the ‘Freshbooks’ button. Enter your unique FreshBooks API URL and authentication token (both accessed through the ‘My Account’ link in your own FreshBooks account) and you’re ready to go. You can even choose to send an automatic Welcome email to your newly-imported list, directly from CakeMail.

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