Should you Add an Unsubscribe Link on the Top?

By April 10, 2009 No Comments

Loren McDonald has just published an interesting blogpost on the need (or not) to add a second unsubscribe link on the top of your email content. If you feel that many of your readers are hitting the Spam button instead of simply unsubscribing to your mailings, you should read her advice.

Consider adding an unsubscribe link on the top of your content if you have:
– High complaint rates with specific ISPs
– Inactive Subscribers (if you segment this specific group)
– ‘Aggressive’ opt-in practices

Certainly, the best advice is to actually use “best-practices” (double opt-in subscription process), using updated lists and targeted content, so your readers won’t have any reason to feel ‘spammed’ by your mailings in the first place.

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