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Tech stories we couldn’t help but share, November 2016

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Here at Cakemail, we obsessively share links to articles about ideas and innovations that we find exciting. While some links are silly and irrelevant, others are intended to get us thinking about how to do things differently, and better. It’s about time we started sharing some of those links with you, our readers and customers.

Welcome to our first monthly round-up of tech stories we just had to share. Some articles will be hands-on and helpful, while others will look at industry-wide trends and innovations. Enjoy!

What's hot: Tech stories from Cakemail

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Magic Leap: turning the space around you into an interface

In what universe do larger-than-life reptiles, robots and cartoon fairies hang out in a nondescript Florida office park? According to secretive tech startup Magic Leap, the company’s ‘mixed reality’ headsets are about to shake up the way we interface with any virtual environment — whether we’re working or playing.

This technology could affect every business that uses screens or computers and many that don’t. It could kill the $120 billion market for flat-panel displays and shake the $1 trillion global consumer-electronics business to its core.

Inside Magic Leap, The Secretive $4.5 Billion Startup Changing Computing Forever


When email marketing is content marketing

What happens when you view email marketing and content marketing as part of the same ecosystem? You begin applying content marketing strategies and tactics to your email marketing campaigns. At Content Marketing World 2016, five B2B marketing experts weighed in on how email marketing, done right, can improve a reader’s experience of digital content.

Too many brands, they may have that list right, but then they meander around. They’re talking about themselves first and the branding and what it is they want to say. They never get around to what is relevant and important to that persona.

Email Marketing: A Fresh Take From the Experts


Now you can do even more without ever leaving Facebook

Apparently it’s not enough that Facebook is the number one place where we socialize, stalk one another and plan activities with friends. The social network’s latest new features make it possible for people in the U.S. to order food, book appointments and buy tickets directly inside Facebook Pages and Events. Don’t be fooled,: this isn’t just to make your life easier… think about all that juicy data.

Facebook thinks a convenient browsing experience powered by friends’ suggestions can beat a mobile search experience that requires a bunch of typing and doesn’t understand who you are.

Facebook embraces utility with food ordering and ticketing


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