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The Icing News: Electroshock Therapy for Email, Internal Email, Using Type and DX3 Canada

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Here are some interesting articles we’ve been sharing at CakeMail lately.

Have you trained subscribers to ignore you?
We do everything to help our customers to ‘react’ appropriately to our email (open, read and click!) but what do you do when they don’t? Mark Brownlow suggests using ‘some techniques we should not normally use’. A little bit like electroshock therapy for email!

How can typography be used effectively to ensure maximum impact
If you’re still using blue, red & green blinking type on a black page this reading is for you;-) If you’re not, you’ll also find this useful. To summarize:


  • Avoid using too many type colors
  • Limit the number of typefaces, sizes, styles and weights
  • Captivate and close
  • Use a “1-2-3-Go” method for structuring content.
  • Embrace white space, and kill the clutter
  • Make it scannable


Content for internal email newsletters
Being interested in HR, I found this article from Denise Cox very useful. 3 lists about internal communication: Where (to find info about the company), What (subjects to talk about) and How (ways to present this content).

DX3 Canada, trade show dedicated to digital marketing, advertising & retailing
Created in collaboration with IAB Canada, Toronto will receive the first edition of DX3 Canada, on January 25 & 26, 2012. Free for all qualified visitors, the event wants to become the place ‘where sellers of all types of Digital technology and services, can display and sell their products directly to buyers’.

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