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The Icing News: New Spam Blog, List Hygiene, Search and Email, Mobile

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Recently launched, MainSleaze is exactly the kind of place where you don’t want to appear, and where we don’t want to have our name beside yours!  This blog is pointing out:

Companies that spam, and ESPs that help them.

You understand what I mean…

When Size Matters: Managing List Hygiene
In a survey of 1,001 consumers conducted by ClickZ: 31% of consumers stated that they changed or created a new email address in the past year. 
This would indicate that there are potentially tens of millions of dormant email accounts, particularly at free webmail providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL.
But in another short survey, they see that among 368 email marketers: only 41% have used email click behaviour as a segmentation attribute in the past six months. Does it mean that most of email marketers don’t care?

Hubspot 7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Email Marketing
1. Distribute Link Building Content Through Email
2. Optimize for the Best Lead Generation Topics
3. Test Offer Conversion Prior to an Email Send
4. Use PPC to Boost Email Click-Through Rate (CTR)
5. Search Engine Optimize Landing Pages
6. Focus on Email Sharing for Link Building
7. Use PPC to Test Email Subject Lines

Litmus Anatomy of a Perfect Mobile Email

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