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The Icing News: Become a supreme being of great subject line writing, Mobile Is Less Forgiving than Desktop

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Mobile Is Less Forgiving than Desktop
Many guidelines are similar for mobile and desktop design, but their mobile interpretation is much more unforgiving. Read this information from the well-known Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox studies to improve your results with your mobile templates.

How To Write Great Email Subject Lines (And How To Fix Those That Are Not)
Follow these guidelines to become a supreme being of great subject line writing (you know you want to): read the complete text on Email Critic blog.

  • Lead – The subject line needs to lead the person to open the email. It needs to spark their curiosity, however, readers will distrust you and reach for the report-spam button if your subject line doesn’t reflect the actual email content.
  • Relevance – Relevance is the most important element of a subject line.
  • Objectives – Since a subject line is the essence of an email, consider writing it first.
  • Value – People buy value, not products. Encourage the recipient to open the email by displaying the benefits of the product or service. Y
  • Emotion – By tying the tone of your brand together with emotion, you will build a genuine connection between your content and your audience.
  • Test – Perform tests on your subject lines on small subscriber groups before sending out to your full list.

Six questions for analyzing a website
Seth Godin invites you to review your website thoroughly and honestly answer some questions. Among them: What’s the revenue per visit? (RPM). What’s the cost of getting a visit? Is there a viral co-efficient? What’s the cost of a visitor? Because sometimes, «It’s tempting to believe that any website can become a perpetual motion machine of profit.»

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