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The Icing News: Death to the ‘Noreply’, How “FREE” produced high CTR

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Here are some interesting articles we’ve been sharing at CakeMail lately.

Death to the ‘Noreply’ Mailbox
Developer & software engineer Joss Crowcroft rants about the use of the no-reply address for email newsletters. Violent but efficient.

Understanding Differences in Clickthrough Rates and Open Rates
A very useful article explaining (once more!) how those calculations on open rates and clickthrough rates are made and, more importantly, how you can realistically evaluate the performance of your campaigns based on those numbers

How “FREE” Produced a 6.7% Higher Clickthrough Rate (even with a higher bounce rate)
Using ‘bad’ words in an email campaign is always a delicate choice. Chances are most of your emails will end up in a spam filter somewhere as a result. This is an interesting experiment showing that results are globally positive. (But don’t tell our deliverability guy you heard it from me…)

The Filter Hierarchy
From an email from your boss, a SMS from your loved one or the trendiest video posted on YouTube, Seth Godin reflects on all the stuff that requires our attention each day and how we have to prioritize it. Now, where would your latest email newsletter stand in that list?

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