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The Icing News: Segment to Target, Check-up on your Newsletter template

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Here are some interesting articles we’ve been sharing at CakeMail lately.

How to overcome segmentation challenges and deliver targeted content
Segmentation has proven its efficiency. If you don’t do it yet, here are a few steps and advices to help you target your content to the audience who is the most interested.

Is your email newsletter template reader friendly?
Denise Cox reminds you on 5 points to check for your newsletter template. A good check-up to avoid most of the problems and improve usability.
1. The design is clean and allows the eye to easily navigate through your content
2. The preview pane space is maximised to draw the reader into the rest of the newsletter
3. The design is consistent in the company branding, and look/feel of your website
4. It is designed for images off, but allows for careful use of images that add rather than detract from the reader’s experience.
5. Inserted content will be easy to skim – using short paragraphs, bullet points and white space

Three things clients and customers want
“Not just the first one. And not all three. But you really need at least one.” Seth Godin is talking about the importance of giving our customers: Results, but whenever possible also give them Thrills, and Ego. To make their experience unique.

Cool email creation
A personalized email with recipient’s name animated with diamonds from Jeweller Helzberg Diamonds

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