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The new Forward to a Friend

By December 1, 2008 No Comments

CakeMail just released a new enhanced CakeMail “Forward to a Friend” function. Now users can grow their email lists faster and easier than ever!

The new Forward to a Friend allows recipients to deliver a personalized message to as many as 5 friends at a time, allowing each of them to subscribe to your email list, and of course, forward it on to their friends.

As before, the new Forward to a Friend feature is available in all 7 CakeMail interface languages. And as always, the CakeMail flexibility is included. The new API call, “Mailing.Forward” lets you customize the functionality to suit your taste.

The power of online referrals can have a significant impact on your email marketing business recurring revenue. Encouraging your clients to include “Forward to a Friend” in their mailings will help them grow their lists, expand their reach, increase their send rates, and help them become more successful email marketers.

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