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The Top 10 Types of Emails You Need to Send

If you’re not already using email marketing, you’re missing out!

92% of adults online use email, 99% of email users check their email daily, and 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have to maintain your customer base and grow your business. Harness its full potential with an email marketing strategy that will help you foster brand loyalty and build the relationship between you and your customer.

Find what to put in your email newsletter and what email marketing campaigns you should plan to strengthen your brand.

Start right now with the top ten types of email you need to send.

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Welcome Email

First and foremost, it’s important to give your new subscribers a warm welcome when they sign up for your emails. You can even automate your welcome emails with Cakemail.

Why It’s Important:

  • Make a lasting first impression
  • Give subscribers a glimpse of what to expect from your future emails
  • Get the opportunity to drive traffic back to your website
  • Let subscribers confirm that their sign up was successful

What to Include:

  • Their name – personalize your subject line for a nice added touch
  • Write a message with a genuine thank you and a note about what to expect
  • Exclusive special offer or added value content like a good deal, free ebook, or digital wallpaper

Special Offer Email

Sharing exclusive special offers through email is a great way to engage your customers. Just remember not to spam them with tons of offers every week or even month. Keep it special and occasional for the best results.

Why It’s Important:

  • Stir up excitement by promoting the upcoming sale on your website and social media pages, then blast it exclusively to email subscribers
  • Incentivize customers to stay subscribed to see what deals come up next
  • Garner more sign ups with sale teasers leading up to the email launch

What to Include:

  • Exciting language and bold graphics
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • A call-to-action that allows subscribers to easily purchase from the email
  • A sense of urgency – don’t let your sale last forever and communicate when it ends clearly

Flash Sale Email

Similar to a special offer email but with an added kick, flash sales should be used sparingly to really stir up some excitement and boost your sales.

Why It’s Important:

  • Quickly move inventory or boost your bottom line with a surge of sales
  • Generate some buzz and extra website traffic during a short window of time

What to Include:

  • A jazzy subject line that entices the recipient to open the email
  • Clear instructions on how to claim the offer and any fine print
  • A sense of urgency – include a literal countdown if you can

Announcement Email

Have a brand new website? Freshly launched product? How about a just-announced event? Whatever it is, share it with your email list first.

Why It’s Important:

  • Make your contacts feel included and excited about your brand
  • Engage with customers on more than just your products for a more genuine and meaningful connection

What to Include:

  • A teaser subject line – don’t give away all the details but make it clear that a fun announcement is waiting inside to earn more email opens
  • Photos or videos that pertain to your news
  • Brief details on your announcement and then a call-to-action to read more on your website or blog

Birthday or Anniversary Email

Speaking of personalization, give your customers the option to include their birthday or anniversary date (wedding, kid, house, diploma) if relevant to your activity when they sign up so you can surprise them with a personal message, and maybe a treat on their special day.

Why It’s Important:

  • Build the relationship between your customers and your business
  • Show your subscribers you care
  • Boost sales by encouraging customers to buy themselves something during their special occasion when consumers are more likely to treat themselves

What to Include:

  • A brief yet sincere message
  • An exclusive special and added bonus they can redeem with a purchase

In all cases, make sure you have the necessary permissions to send out your emails and do not frustrate your subscribers with emails they do not want to receive. Your list and the trust of your subscribers are your most valuable asset!

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Contest or Giveaway Emails

Give back and engage your audience with a fun, interactive giveaway.

Why It’s Important:

  • Give back to your audience once or twice a year
  • Earn a surge of new subscribers when you require email sign up for entry and promote the giveaway on your website or social media pages

What to Include:

  • An appealing plug for the prize!
  • Clear rules and any legal disclaimers you need to provide, per your region regulation and business lawyer

Inspiration and Content-Focused Emails

Have a helpful blog or a Pinterest account full of carefully curated content? This is your chance to make it shine!

Why It’s Important:

  • Give your blog posts and social media content further reach and more mileage
  • Take the focus off of directly selling by adding value to your customers in other, more creative ways
  • Share your company mission and values to build brand awareness and loyalty

What to Include:

  • Improve your click through rate with multiple articles, photos, and blogs to explore and a few different calls-to-action
  • Share a photo you love or an inspirational quote in an eye-catching graphic if it’s appropriate for your audience

Review Requests or Survey Emails

Sometimes in order to get the feedback you need, you have to ask for it! There’s no shame in reaching out once in a while to ask for a review or specific feedback on your products or email messages.

Why It’s Important:

  • Reviews are often the first thing a new customer will look at – make sure you have plenty of good ones by asking happy customers to leave a review on Google, Facebook, or by direct email
  • Get feedback on what content your customers want to see and which products they love or wish you offered

What to Include:

  • Polite requests for a review or survey
  • Clear calls-to-action that link to where customers can write their review or take your survey
  • Make it short and sweet
  • Be clear if it’s an anonymous survey or not

Lead Nurturing Emails

Keep your interested customers moving swiftly through your sales funnel with intentional nudges that help close the deal!

Why It’s Important:

  • Lead nurturing has the power to drive conversions and increase sales significantly – don’t leave money on the table by skipping this one

What to Include:

  • A reminder of items left in a cart or a friendly nudge to finish the purchase
  • A deal or added incentive to motivate customers to purchase

Milestone or Loyalty Emails

One of the best email marketing assets is that every contact on your list already has some kind of interest in your business. No cold emailing is necessary when you have a high-quality list to interact with.

Why It’s Important:

  • Foster additional brand loyalty by recognizing and thanking customers for their support of you and your business

What to Include:

  • Clear description of the milestone you’re congratulating your customer for like 10 years of being a contact, their 5th purchase, or even the anniversary of your company

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