What happens when you’re done?

If you’re creating something – a new version of your software, a new song, a new recipe – people might ask you: “What happens when you’re done?”

What happens when you no longer have to write a single line of code?

What happens when you hit that last note?

What happens when it tastes just right?

Odds are, you’ll smile.

Because, of course, you’ll celebrate the milestone. You’ll pat yourself on the back for a bit.

And then, one of two things will happen:

You’ll keep working on it – because a work of art is never really ‘Done.’ Because you can always improve. Because what goes on paper is only ever a faint ghost of the vision that you had in your mind.

Or you’ll move on to the next one, in the hopes of getting that much closer to your vision.

“Next morning I went over to Paul’s for coffee and told him I had finished. “Good for you,” he said without looking up. “Start the next one today.”
― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

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