What is my Delivery rate?

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An excellent question! It’s one we get often, but a tough one to answer as every sender is different. Your Inbox placement rate (the number of emails you send that hit the Inbox) is determined by many factors – most of which are controlled entirely by you, the sender!

In brief, your success will be determined by:
* the overall quality of your list (list hygiene)
* opt-in practices (how you add people to your list)
* level of recipient engagement (opens/clicks)
* domain reputation
* the content of the emails you are sending

Email Deliverability Is Important

We work very hard behind the scenes to maximize email delivery through reputation monitoring, ISP relations, Deliverability audits, Baseline testing, Block/blacklist remediation and much more. Cakemail prides itself by having one of the best reputations in the industry.

All Cakemail customers must follow the rules of the federal CAN-SPAM Act, the Canadian Anti-spam Legislation (CASL) and Cakemail’s own Terms of Use/Anti-Spam policy when sending email through our service. They can both be reviewed here:

Cakemail Anti-SPAM Policy:
Cakemail Terms of Use:

Sender Best Practices

We assist our customers in managing/maintaining proper list hygiene techniques, establishing best practices for content creation and provide feedback in order to test content and ensure it hits the Inbox.

Reputation Monitoring

The ability to remove people who complain is paramount to maintaining a good sender reputation.

Cakemail has access to over 20 Feedback Loop programs, 24/7 Blacklist monitoring, ISP block remediation, IP reputation monitoring, Deliverability audits and log data-mining to help resolve delivery problems quickly and efficiently. We also work very closely with our ISP partners to resolve any filtering or throttling issues, IP blocking and any other deliverability problems our customers may encounter along the way.

We have many safeguards in place to police our member base, from new client opt-in verification, list upload validation, FBL alerts, content filtering, CAN-SPAM and CASL compliance monitoring.

We also use 3rd party reputation services that alert us to delivery problems in real time. Our MTA logs are monitored for signs of Abuse/Delivery issues and offending clients are dealt with in accordance with our TOU and Anti-Spam Policy in a timely manner.

If a domain or IP block is detected, our MTA will automatically send at a reduced rate so as to not make the problem any worse and a system alert is sent to our Abuse team to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Blocks are almost always handled in a few hours, but if it’s any longer than this, the IP traffic can be rerouted until the issue has been fixed.

Feedback Loop Programs

We monitor feedback loops in real-time and give our clients easy access to this data so they can better monitor their own complaint data with a breakdown of complaints-by-domain on top of your overall complaint rates. Mailings that generate a lot of complaints should be analyzed for poor list hygiene and cleaned accordingly.

Customer Induction Process

Our deliverability team performs regular checks to confirm if our clients are following best practices like confirmed opt-in list building and not committing any email content errors that might be affecting your delivery. New clients are assigned to IPs based on their own sender reputation, opt-in practices, sending behaviour and prior sending history.


We make available and encourage all our users to properly setup domain authentication by implementing DKIM, SPF and DMARC to help maximize their delivery.

Clients that are unable to authenticate their own domain have the option of having us sign their emails for them using their domain(s), or one of our shared domains.

Dedicated IP(s)

There is also the option of branding clients on their own dedicated IPs, where they alone will determine their IP reputation. Being on their own dedicated IP space allows clients to apply for accreditation services such as the ReturnPath Certification program where emails benefit from a higher Inbox placement rate and Image/link enabling. You can not only brand the hostname on the IP, but tracking links within the email but as well – this is true whitelabel!

A high Inbox placement rate is key to your success and Cakemail is here to make sure that happens. Stay tuned for a more indepth list of what YOU can do to influence your delivery rate!

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