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Why do I need to add a physical/address to my campaign?

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In order to meet the requirements of anti-spam legislation and our own anti-spam policy, you must include a physical/street address as part of your email content. This address is required by law for accountability reasons and is used to help the recipient identify the sender. It can also help facilitate the opt-out process which can prevent complaints. Some content filters will scan for it and block/junk emails that don’t have it, so it will also help improve delivery.

In order to protect subscribers (and yourself), if a physical address is not included, you will not be able to schedule your campaign.

Entering your company information is required when your account is created. To edit it, go to Settings > Company Profile

If for whatever reason the company information is missing, a window will pop up asking you to fill in your company details. The tags will be added to your campaign automatically and you can proceed with the scheduling of your campaign.

Be sure to read up on CAN-SPAM, Bill C-28, and anti-spam laws in your country.

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