Why a WordPress plugin is not an email marketing tool

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It’s so tempting. Your website is on WordPress, and you want to start a newsletter to build your audience or customer base. Using just a WordPress plugin, you can create a subscription widget, build drag and drop emails, and manage your subscriber lists. Why set yourself up with an email marketing tool when you can do everything in one place?

Easy newsletters for marketers

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Wait a minute marketer… Just because there is an quick and easy solution doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for your business. We’d like to believe that WordPress can do absolutely everything for us, but it has its limitations: it’s a content management system, not an email marketing solution. Don’t get the two confused.

One answer: deliverability

We would never ask you to use your email marketing tool as a content management system. So why would you send newsletters from your content management system? Those of us who spend our days developing one of the best email marketing systems on the market can answer in one word: deliverability.

Part of our job at Cakemail, day in and day out, is to keep on top of new trends and deliverability issues that may interfere with your audience receiving your newsletter. This is no small task. We are continually watching how your messages are received and interpreted by big email clients such as Gmail and Outlook. And we regularly adapt our systems based on the latest anti-SPAM regulations applied by governments and email providers alike. It is a big part of what we offer as an email marketing solution provider.

You can’t guarantee that the creator of a WordPress newsletter plugin is watching and learning, day in and day out, to make sure the messages it sends are optimally configured to reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Who else is on your server IP and what are they doing?

For example, when you use a WordPress plugin to send newsletters, you dramatically increase the possibility that your lovingly crafted emails will be sent to the SPAM box.

If you have shared hosting for your WordPress site, you share the same server IP address as a handful of other websites. You have no control over how these websites are managing their email marketing programs; they may be respectful to subscribers, or they may be ruthlessly spamming people who have not asked to receive their emails.

If an email provider such as Gmail has earmarked websites that share your IP as delivering SPAM, you risk being associated with that abusive IP and flagged as SPAM. That’s a risk you shouldn’t be prepared to take.

Can your plugin handle large lists?

Email marketing service providers are made to scale. If you have a large subscriber list (more than 5,000 emails) or if your list grows beyond your wildest expectations, tools such as Cakemail are built to handle high volume sends.

By contrast, a WordPress newsletter plugin may have difficulty sending to large lists, resulting in delays or errors processing outgoing emails. Worse yet, sending a large volume of emails may get you into trouble with your web host. Because you are relying on a system that wasn’t built and adapted expressly to send marketing emails, you may come up against a range of unanticipated challenges, particularly as your lists grow.

Do it right the first time

We reiterate: It takes a team working every day to ensure Cakemail is optimally configured to create, manage and deliver a high volume of newsletters. By contrast, WordPress newsletter plugins are one of may plugins built and managed by plugin developers. Plugin developers may know a lot about email marketing, but we can be pretty sure they don’t spend every day immersed in the minutiae of email delivery like we do.

If you’re going to put time, energy and resources into launching an email marketing program, the last thing you want to do is switch horses in midstream because you have set yourself up with the wrong solution. Start right with a dedicated email marketing tool that enables your email marketing program to adapt and grow with the industry, and with your business.

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