Cakemail for developers

In a few minutes, you can integrate Cakemail to your application and easily send marketing and transactional emails.

Cakemail APIs enable all types of email communications, from timely transactional emails to high-volume, highly personalized email campaigns. In addition, the Partner API allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts.

Email Marketing APIs

An effective campaign starts with the right audience. Start by synchronizing contacts and their attributes from your application through Contact API and define the segmentation. Campaign API allows you to send high-volume, highly personalized email campaigns. Bounces and unsubscriptions will be processed automatically. The Analytics API gives you instant access to the real-time activity of your recipients.

Transactional emails API

The Transactional API allows you to send your emails via the SMTP protocol or the Web API. You can also optimize the performance of your emails by monitoring transactional email logs and metrics with the Analytics API. All emails are routed through our infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and deliverability.

Sub-accounts management

Limited to qualified partners, the Partner API allows resellers to support their clients by performing all the operations offered by the Cakemail APIs – including: List synchronization, campaign management, logging and reporting. With the Partner API, you can seamlessly provision, configure, manage and monitor sub-accounts.


We manage deliverability for you, we get emails to the recipient’s inbox and ensure that your sending domains don’t get blocked or blacklisted by ISPs.

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High sending capacity

Our infrastructure allows the sending and reporting of millions of emails ensuring data security and compliance.

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