1. Build your contact list

Before sending your first campaign, you must have at least one active list with at least one valid subscriber.

A default contact list has been created for you when your account was set up, containing your email address as the first subscriber.

Go to the Contact Lists tab, where you will see the number of active lists, subscribers, the number of emails sent and the engagement percentage.

We recommend using one master list for all your recipients. You can later create groups within this list.

Create a new list

Click on Create a list on the left.

That will open a window where you will be able to name your list, specified sender name, and sender email. Click on Create once it’s done to generate your new list.

You need to know that Cakemail abides by antispam laws and no spam will be tolerate. We also strongly recommend to have a list used less then a year ago to avoid all complaints.

Add recipients

  • Click on the list’s name.
  • Click on Add contacts on the left hand menu.

You will be asked to confirm that you have permission from the recipient(s) to add them to your list. You should know that Cakemail complies with anti-spam laws and that no form of spamming is tolerated. It is also important to use a recent list, used for less than a year, to avoid all possible complaints.



At this point, you can either:

Upload a CSV file (What is a CSV?)

If you have an existing list, this is your fastest and easiest option.

  • Select the From CSV file option from the options listed.
  • Click Choose a CSV file to upload to browse your computer.

Enter contacts one-by-one

If you only have to add a few new subscribers

  • Select the Add a single contact option from the options listed.
  • Enter your contacts one by one by completing the requested information.

Remember: You can only email a person, not a group (emails will be sent to “jane.doe@”, but will not be sent to “sales@…” or “accounting@…” )

By the way: When is the last time you used this list? If you haven’t spoken to your subscribers in the past 6 months, we recommend launching a reconfirmation campaign to avoid any kind of complications – such as account suspensions or being flagged as spam by your recipients.

Getting new subscribers:

From your website

  • Access your list by going to the Contact List tab and clicking on the desired list.
  • Click on Manage Forms on the left-hand menu.
  • You will have the option to either grab the HTML code to embed on your site or use a direct link to the form.
    • Grab HTML Code will give you the code to embed the code on your website. Feel free to customize your form
    • Direct Link will give you the direct link to the form

Note: If you have any personalized fields on your list, they will be added to the form.

Important: A Confirmation email is preset to be automatically sent to your new subscribers, followed by a Welcome email once they have confirmed their email address. You can personalize the welcome and confirmation emails.

At your brick and mortar building? At events and tradeshows

Make sure you have a paper form or an iPad so people can fill in their information while they’re waiting to pay. Use a confirmation email to make sure the address is valid.

Next step: Preparing your first email

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Updated on May 4, 2022

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