2. Preparing your first email

To create a new campaign go to the Campaigns tab and click on Create New Campaign on the left hand menu. You have different options to choose from. If this is your first email campaign, choose a Regular campaign.

Note: Each contact list already has “Confirmation” and “Welcome” emails setup. These are automatically sent and can be customized.

Four options are available to you (the free trial versions only have three). If this is your first campaign, we recommend you choose Regular Campaign:

  • Regular campaign – A campaign like sending an ad or notice.
  • Automatic Campaign – An automatically sent email to highlight a one-time event such as a subscription to a list, or a specific date on a contact list.
  • Recurring Campaign – A campaign that is triggered at regular, specific intervals, such as a birthday message.
  • A / B Comparison Test – A campaign to test two sender / sender e-mail names, different subject lines, or single e-mail content.

Setting up the campaign

  1. Give your campaign a name
    Only you can see this, so make sure it’s meaningful to you.
  2. Choose your recipients
    Under The recipients you will have a full view of all your contact lists, along with details such as how many recipients each list has, when it was created, and if it contains any groups.
  3. Enter additional campaign details
    a. Subject – Make it resonate with your audience. Be explicit!
    b. Sender’s name and email address
    c. Optional : an alternate reply-to email Avoid using “no-reply@…” emails.
    d. Advanced options are available for experienced users.
    e. Social Media Banner – encourage your subscribers to share your email with their friends.

Selecting a template

We recommend you start by selecting one of our default templates. They’re free and have been optimized for email clients. The templates can all be stamped with your own brand with the Email Campaign Builder.

If you’re an HTML master, you can upload your own template ZIP file or copy-paste your HTML code.

Using the Email Campaign Creator

The Email Campaign Builder allows you to easily add or remove sections of your email, choose shades of color, edit text, and test your campaign from a single work window. These templates have been specially designed to pass all Premailer and Litmus tests.

Content sections include a variety of components: images, image + text, text-only, or interactive elements like QR codes, Google Maps, and social media icons.


To add a section to your email, click on the thumbnail of the appropriate section. This will automatically add it to the bottom of the email.

Move / Remove

To move or remove a section of your email, hover over the section to bring up the positioning menu. To move a section up or down within the template, simply click the arrows to the desired location. To remove a section, click on the trash icon.


To edit a section, hover over the section to bring up the edit button. By clicking on it, the edit menu will appear on the left of the screen. Do not forget to save your changes!

Complete your campaign by adding a personal touch, by choosing a different color shade from the palette on the left of the screen for example.

Did you generate your Text version?

Some of your subscribers can’t (or won’t) receive HTML-Based emails. Generating the Plain Text version also helps in regards to lowering your SPAM score. Please make sure you generate your text version:

  • Click on Edit plain-text version on the left hand menu
  • Click on the Edit plain-text version button
  • Click on Generate from HTML
  • Once the text pops up, you can edit the information.

Note: Square brackets represent either Tags or links.

[Visit our Website] ([http://www.mywebsite.com])

In your HTML email, this is a link. You should edit this text to look like:

Visit our Website at [http://www.mywebsite.com]

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Updated on October 2, 2018

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