3. Before you send: Checklist of things to verify


Start your test by clicking on the left-hand menu of the campaign builder under the category labeled Test your campaign.

Send yourself a test email (you might also want to send it to a friend to check for typos) so you can see what your recipients will see. Make sure to test the text version as well as the HTML version of your email.

Send yourself another test after you changed something. Double check everything.


Click on the Preview and Schedule button and proofread the email.

General Information

☐ Campaign Name: Is this really the campaign you want to send?

☐ From Name and Email: Is the sender recognizable?

☐ Reply-to address: Is it a real email? (check for typos or unwanted spaces)

☐ Subject: Make sure you have no typos in your subject and that it’s explicit

If you used Merge fields:

☐ Preview as: Check at least 3 different contacts to make sure the information displays properly


☐ Do you have the link to show the email on the browser?

☐ Do you explain that the subscriber signed up for the newsletter?

The email body

☐ Do all the images display properly?

☐ When you mouse over the images, is there a clear alternate text that pops up?

☐ Do all the links work?

☐ Do the links bring you to where they are supposed to land?

☐ Are special characters displaying properly?


☐ Do you have an unsubscribe link [UNSUBSCRIBE]?

☐ Do you have the [CLIENT.ADDRESS] tag?


Click on the Schedule and Send button Send yourself a last test email.

Triple check the Summary – Campaign and the Summary – Recipients

Send Now

If you’re ready to send it now, you can select the Send the campaign immediately option and click the Send button.

or schedule for later:

If you’re scheduling the campaing, you have two calendar years (the current year and the next) to plan the delivery of your campaign. Select the Schedule this campaign for later option and enter a date and time and click on the Schedule button.

Next Step: Tracking your success

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Updated on July 24, 2018

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