4. Tracking your success

Keep track of how your campaign is doing on your dashboard.

Successful campaigns are caracterized by high opens and clicks, and low bouncesunsubscribes and SPAM complaints.


  • Percentage of people who opened the email.
  • Good open rates are between 15% – 40%.
  • You can affect open rates by being a recognized sender, writing a clear subject and having a good pre-header text.


  • Percentage of people who clicked on one of the links in your email.
  • Expected results are between 3% – 10%
  • Boost your click rates by making the information easy to understand and give readers a clear call to action.


  • A bounce occurs when a campaign is not delivered to a recipient.
  • Should never exceed 1%


  • A subscriber may no longer wish to receive emails from you. In this case, if they click on the ‘[UNSUBSCRIBE]’ link, they wilfully remove themselves from your list.
  • Should be between 0-3%


  • The popular name for unsolicited commercial email. We can only measure the complaints for specific internet service providers but all internet service providers track SPAM complaints and the overall number of complaints affects your sender’s reputation.
  • Should never exceed 0.25%

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Updated on July 24, 2018

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