Add a subscription form to Facebook

To get started, access your contact list by clicking on the Contact List tab and click on Manage Forms on the left hand menu.

Here you will find the Facebook Sign Up Form option, which will allow you to grab a code that you can insert into your Facebook page.

To install your code:

First of all you need a Facebook Page. If you don’t have one, click here to create one. 

  • In your CakeMail account, go to “Contact Lists”
  • Select your list, then click on “Manage Forms”, then in the “Facebook Sign Up Form” box, click “Grab HTML code”
  • Select everything (using keyboard shortcuts, i.e. CTL+a for Windows users or ⌘+a for Mac users)
  • Copy everything (using keyboard shortcuts, i.e. CTL+c for Windows users or ⌘+c for Mac users)
  • Access your Facebook Page
  • Install the Facebook App called “Static HTML: iFrame Tab” by clicking here
  • On the application homepage, click on the “Add Static HTML to a Page” button

  • Once the application is successfully installed, click on the “Welcome” link in your Facebook page

  • Paste the code you copied earlier into the “Enter your content here'” box
  • Click on “Save and view tab…”


  • You can modify the description of your Facebook form by changing the content in the <p> tags to add any personalized content describing your list or service.
  • If you have any personalized fields in your list, they will appear in the form!
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Updated on July 16, 2018

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