Archive a campaign

The following are important terms you should know when managing your campaigns:

Organize – You may organize campaigns by placing them in folders. These folders can be based on categories, themes, dates, or any other classification you can think of.

Close – You may close (or archive) a folder with a group of campaigns that have been sent by moving them to the Closed category.

Delete – Once campaigns are sent, they cannot be deleted. You can archive campaigns by placing them in a closed folder. Draft campaigns can be deleted.

To archive campaigns:

  • Place all the campaigns you want to archive into a folder.
  • Once you are ready to close (or archive) the folder, go to Manage Folders on the left hand menu of your Campaigns tab.
  • Within the folder you wish to close, click on Mark as closed. This will send all folders to the Closed submenu available on the left hand menu. You cannot access those campaigns to view stats or any other information. You may reactivate your closed folders at any time by clicking on Mark as active under the folder name.
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Updated on June 22, 2018

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