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Billing & Plans


In the billing page you will be able to view the amount paid on past invoices. You can also edit you billing information such as your credit card number and the billing address.

Accepted payment methods

You can pay with American Express, Visa or Mastercard, in US Dollars. Our current payment provider Stripe [https://stripe.com], is based in the United States.

Just let your bank know that you are making international transactions.

Account limits

Account limits are set by your plan. Each plan has a contact and email limit. Once one or the other has been reached, your account will not allow you to send any more emails. You will then have to upgrade your plan.

Select a plan

Once your Cakemail trial is over, you will need to select one of our plans. 

To select a plan, you can click on the ‘Upgrade Now’ button. You can also click on your company profile name and picture and then on settings. When you scroll down, you will be able to click on upgrade your account.

What happens if I go over my subscriber limits

Every plan over 25 000 contacts has two limits:

Contact Limit & Emails sent Limit

If you go over any of these limits you will need to upgrade your account to the next plan we offer. You will still be able to make changes in your account, add contacts and create campaigns. Once you go over the limits the only thing you can’t do is send emails.

What happens after my trial is over?

You will be able to modify your settings and company profile, but won’t have access to your sending history or your lists. To do so, you will need to upgrade to a paying plan.

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Updated on July 31, 2018

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