A campaign is an email message sent to a group of people (a contact list).

It can serve different purposes:

  • Editorial, informational newsletter, company or product information.
  • Marketing or promotional email to generate leads or drive sales
  • Research or survey
  • Many other purposes

There are currently four kinds of campaigns you can create (free or trial accounts will have only three):

  • Regular campaign – A campaign such as an announcement or notice
  • Auto-responder – An automated email that is sent for a one-time event like subscribing to a list or based on a date field in a contact list
  • Recurring campaign – A campaign that is triggered to run at regular, specified intervals, like a Happy Birthday message
  • A/B split test – A campaign that allows you to test two different Sender Names / Sender Emails, subject lines, or unique email content
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Updated on June 22, 2018

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