Click rate

Note: Your email should be short and succinct. People have a 15-20 second attention span when they’re reading emails. Make sure you always have many links linking to more information.

Click Rate:

    People who clicked on a link / Number of unique opens

Expected results: Between 3% – 10%


  • Purpose of the email: If you’re just wishing “Happy Holidays,” you might not get very many clicks
  • Interest: If people don’t care, they won’t click to get more information, so keep your campaigns as targeted as possible.
  • Location of the link: if it’s hidden in the footer of your email, not many people will see it.
  • Amount of information within the email: if it’s so long that people become disinterested, they won’t want to “read (even) more”
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Updated on July 17, 2018

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