Create an a/b split test campaign

Please Note: You cannot send an A/B split test to a group. You can only send an A/B split test to a Contact List.

What can be tested?

  • Two different sender names
  • Two different sender emails
  • Two different subject lines two
  • Two different email contents


  • Go to the Campaigns Tab
  • Click on A/B Split Test
  • Input the information in the Campaign Information
    Only test one variable at a time to better gauge the impact of each variable.
  • Choose the size of your test groups, click and move the slider until groups A and B are the size desired – 20% is the default for each A or B test as it leaves 60% of the list to receive the winning email, but this always depends on the size of the list.

Choose a winner

To set the criteria for the “winner” of the two campaigns, you can choose between highest open rates or highest click rates. Set the length of the test period (or how long you’re willing to wait before the winning email gets selected) to be anywhere from 1 hour to 7 days.

As soon as that time period ends, whichever email is in the lead based on the criteria selected will be sent to the remaining portion of the list.

Use the Email Campaign Builder to build two different HTML and text versions (version A and version B) for your campaign.

Tracking the results

To view the progress of your campaign, access it under the Campaigns tab while the delivery is ongoing. This view will also let you select a winner manually before the time period is completed by clicking on Select a winner manually.

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Updated on June 22, 2018

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